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Англоязычная страница: Dear customers!

Dear customers!
By virtue of recent steps made by federal and regional state authorities tocreate a congenial investment climate, as well as in connectionwith some planned sports events of planetary scale in UFO (The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014, world football champion) the investment attractiveness of Krasnodar region for the world business has increased dramatically.
But the practice of implementation of international agreements encounters manifold obstacles both legally and organizationally.
Not only fundamental knowledge is required in the field of private international law and Russian law for the successful solution of these problems, but also an extantlaw enforcement practice regionally is needed.A special focus is put on the last issue, as long as it allowsto predicthow the courts, administrative and controlling bodies will apply specific international law standards while adjudicating cases.
Only the combination of the above-mentioned factors will protect you from potential economic risks.
Highly-qualified legal transaction support services are an essentialfactorto business prosperity.Not only do our services allow conforming the company works in accordance with the legislation, but also giving an opportunity for more economic effectiveness.Having qualified transactionsupport services enable to rapidlyarrange a lucrative contract under the current legislation to ensure the greatest benefit for the company. Compliance with the procedural aspectswhile making transactions as well as their correct design allows to take into account many subtleties of the upcoming collaboration with contractors.
Professional legal support protects yourbusiness against financial loss, adverse litigation, administrative or even criminal prosecution by the regulatory and law enforcement agencies. Legal support of transactions isa reliable tool to minimize the financial and legal risks of doing business, reduce costs, protect against wrongful actions of partners and contractors.
We provide a full range of legal support transaction services both in Russia and in foreign countries, including real estate and foreign trade transactions.
In transactions in accordance with foreign law, involving foreign contractors (non-resident), we are ready to provide legal support for all stages of conclusion and execution of transactions with a foreign element.
Our legal support services include:
1) Development of the contract scheme,
2) Checking the counterparty due diligence and purity of the transaction,
3) Negotiations,
4) Preparation of unique contracts,
5) Support of transaction execution,
6) Other certain types of services.
Registartion of real estate transactions:
1) Checking the object and the counterpartyof the transaction,
2) Collection of the necessary documents.
Transactions with foreign elements:
1) Foreign investment,
2) Preparation of international treaties.
We offer legal assistancewith international (precisely European) law issues, preparation of legal opinions, as well as private, confidential and competent legal aid in business correspondence with foreign partners and translation of the text suitable for notarization.
When making high-quality transactions that support foreign element our experts closely monitorcurrent developments in the law and extend the range of services provided. The experience obtained by the professionals of the Center of consulting and legal services "Camelot", allows us to offer our clients high-quality services.
Center of Consulting and Legal Services “Camelot”is a full service legal support organization which provides outstanding service to our loyal customer base. We have years of combined legal expertise, and proudly proclaim versatile and competent legal assistance. We will be glad to discuss your legal assistance needs and provide you with an estimate quote or bid for our services.Our team of lawyers and paralegals has the expertise to provide reliable, analytical and result oriented research and transaction support services. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their requirements and provide the solutions which are cost effective and also promises high quality output by adoption of best practices, established quality models and methodologies.
Feature of our work is to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with clients, based on the principles of competence, professionalism, responsibility, reliability and performance!
Contact us to discuss how “Camelot’s” services can help your organization improve its business prosperity and increaseeconomic efficiencywith less recourses by keeping potential economic risks at bay.
We hope to see you among our customers!
If you have any questions, send us an email and we will reply within 24 hours.
We look forward to hearing from you soon and assisting you with your legal matters.
For more information, please call +79186361620 or email ckpukamelot@mail.ru, ckpukamelot@yandex.ruor Skype:CCLS_Camelot.
For discussions in Russian language please contact us by tel. +79183244964, +79181799100, tel./fax . +78612210027.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! We wish you a successful and prosperous 2013 for your business.
Sincerely, Center of Consulting and Legal Services “Camelot”.